Don’t Call It A Comeback: 8 Actors Who Deserve Their Own McConaissance

Hollywood is an industry obsessed with types. That's why when so many actors find the right one, they stick with it. They rely on audience familiarity, which then turns to boredom, before their career eventually flatlines; creatively, financially, or both.
It wasn't too long ago that Matthew McConaughey found himself in a similar rut, and it seemed the golden-haired actor with the southern drawl was destined to remain Hollywood's love-interest mannequin with the winning smile.
Then something funny happened.
McConaughey started appearing in unexpected places: A psychotic sex fiend in Killer Joe. A lovelorn castaway in Mud. Then Magic Mike happened and The Wolf of Wall Street. It was a perfect storm capped off with an Oscar for his searing turn in Dallas Buyers Club. Couple that with his universally acclaimed work on HBO's True Detective and his lead role in Christopher Nolan's eagerly awaited Interstellar, and it's safe to say that McConaughey has become one of Hollywood's elite actors.
It's a sentence we never thought we'd read let alone type, because it's the kind of career reinvention that happens so rarely. But, McConaughey proved that with a deft combination of brave choices and blind luck, remapping a career is indeed possible. Here are eight other stagnating actors who should take a page out of the book of McConaughey.

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