Winter Street Style Rules In Stockholm!

One of the best things about Stockholm Fashion Week , besides all the devil-may-care designers, is definitely the street style. We know other cities have more clout on the runways, but as far as sidewalks and magical snowy parks go, Stockholm rules. And falling right before New York Fashion Week, it's nothing short of the sartorial kick in the pants we need. At a time when we're looking to push our wardrobes a little further, the trend-setters in Stockholm--snapped by our dear Mr. Newton --remind us that being a little brazen is a good thing. Like, where else can you get away with pajama bottoms and a top knot, a cozy cape the size of Utah, or beanies with belted trenches all with incredible finesse and fabulous results? Definitely not the Tents. So, consider this your license to break out your best faux fur and swap those cashmere gloves for studded ones instead. A super-sized cape may not be for you, but stylishly striking out on your own definitely is.

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