8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Sep 12 2014

Janelle Monáe on Sesame Street is a Friday treat for all. (PolicyMic)
Attention, beauty fiends: Into The Gloss has an exciting new project in the pipeline with the launch of Glossier. (Into The Gloss)
Gone Girl marketing has become really specific. Behold, Amy Dunne's Pinterest boards. (Entertainment Weekly)
Turns out, you can get a modeling contract just from being Insta-famous. (Fashionista)
Vogue thinks big butts are a trend, Internet reacts.
A newly confirmed dinosaur called the Spinosaurus could adapt to life on land or in water. It will surely terrorize people in an upcoming Syfy movie or Jurassic World. But, let's just remember that the blue whale is still bigger than all the dinosaurs, ever, even this one.
CNN didn't make it easy for former White House press secretary Jay Carney on his first night as a commentator. John McCain and Carney engaged in a lengthy debate about the United States' actions involving ISIS. And, speaking of the U.S. government, it threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day if it refused to comply with expanded surveillance efforts.
Finally, no need to actually go on a vacation: This Dutch woman Photoshopped her way to giving her friends a massive dose of FOMO on Facebook. (Fun Start)
8thingssesamestreet-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Sesame Street.

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