8 Things To Know This AM — Jun 17 2014

The Starbucks college-tuition program will, undoubtedly, make education more affordable. However, many are arguing it has the potential to completely change the educational system and "fracture the American Dream." This will become clear as more details emerge, or if Starbucks releases its financial agreement with ASU. (Vice)
Failed negotiations between Russian gas-firm Gazprom and Ukraine have resulted in severed supply ties. Gazprom spokesman Sergey Kupriyanov assured the public that the rest of its European consumers will receive the gas allotted in its respective contracts. (CNN)
In sports news that isn't World Cup related: Former San Diego Padres player and Hall of Fame member Tony Gwynn has died of cancer at 54. (ESPN)
New Balance launched its NB SparkStart this week. The global-fitness program seeks to get children on their feet and foster a stronger sense of well-being through movement. (WWD)
President Obama announced yesterday that he will be signing an executive order banning federal discrimination based on sexuality. Happy Pride, indeed! (NBC)
Previously unreleased tapes of Hillary Clinton have surfaced. Among the nearly five hours of recordings, the former Secretary of State's reflects on a 1975 rape case. where she served as a defense attorney. Critics are, likely, going to have a field day with this. (Free Beacon)
Robots are the future of high-skill, knowledge-based jobs. New advances in technology means human beings will soon be up against A.I. when we're searching for work. (The Guardian)
On the bright side, a little sugar, spice, and everything nice is making its way back to small screen. Cartoon Network announced yesterday that a Powerpuff Girls reboot is in the works. (Variety)
8thingssPhoto: Courtesy of Starbucks.

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