8 Things To Know This AM — Jun 09 2014

If you didn't binge-watch the entire second season of Orange Is The New Black this weekend, don't. Studies show you'll be a lot happier letting what happens next remain a surprise. (New York Mag)
Not to be outdone by Amazon's big tech announcement last week, Apple revealed its plan to unveil a smartwatch this October. Your move, rivals. Your move. (Re/code)
After their second attempt at another YouTube-like success, the duo that started YouTube has called it quits. But, don't think their influence will slow down. Each will move on to separate ventures geared toward (hopefully) improving our lives. (Tech Crunch)
As activewear rises beyond what's considered trendy, fashion industry bigwigs are wondering whether or not it will soon rival denim. (Business of Fashion)
Colorado continues to lead the way in terms of marijuana legality with governor-signed legislation aimed at giving pot businesses access to basic financial services — a pot banking system, if you will. (KAIT)
The first half of the year has seen the unemployment rate drop month to month. This means the United States has passed its pre-recession employment peak. However, gains have mostly been in the private sector, meaning government employment is still below pre-recession levels. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
The 36-year-long Triple Crown draught continued this weekend after California Chrome failed to win at New York's Belmont Stakes. And, co-owner Steve Coburn is not too happy about it. (New Jersey)
On a lighter note: Gay marriage is now legal in Wisconsin! (CNN)
8things02Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

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