8 Things To Know This AM — Jun 04 2014

In attempts to inspire people to recycle, Coca-Cola launched its brilliant "2nd Lives" campaign, which encourages consumers to reuse plastic bottles with crafty bottle attachments like a spray top or water gun. Neat! (Highsnobiety)
A previously unpublished interview with Philip Seymour Hoffman from 2012 in which he discusses life before death, children, and "killing pleasure" has been animated and released. (The Daily Beast)
Documents dating back to the 1970s have been unearthed that highlight the tobacco industry's original plan to commodify marijuana. Questions over whether or not the industry will, considering the drug's legalization across various states, pursue it again have resulted in a big, fat no. (Los Angeles Times)
In light of Reading Rainbow's overnight crowdfunding success, Kickstarter is looking to launch its new campaign, loosening its rules so everyone can source funds. How it'll sift through the spam projects, however, remains a mystery. (The Verge)
Two preteen girls were arrested this week for stabbing another friend in the name of Slenderman. But, what kind of Internet meme would inspire kids to do such a thing? Luckily, a primer was created to help answer that question. (CNN)
Election season has begun, and the GOP is seeking to expand its place in the Senate. Here's what the first round of voting means. (AP)
In other news, now that whiskey and bourbon are hip, distillers are warning a whiskey shortage could be in our not-so-distant future. (The Tennessean)
Finally, season 2 of Orange Is the New Black premieres Friday, so it's time to binge-watch the first season, naturally. If you're going to take the plunge, you might as well do it right — check out this schedule. (Vulture)
coke_01Photo: Courtesy of Coca-Cola.

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