8 Things To Know This AM — May 30 2014

Well, Sriracha diehards, your silent prayers have been answered: Irwindale, California's mayor has put an end to the public's nuisance complaints over the factory's odors. So, sauce away, folks. (Grub Street)
Thanks to Vogue and LiketoKnow:It, Instagram is now shoppable. Now, please, double-tap wisely. (Fashionista)
California law has placed tougher restrictions on the porn industry by making it illegal for actors to not wear condoms. The porn industry remains, uh, split as to whether this will ruin the fantasy or not. (Jezebel)
The search for Malaysian flight MH370 is ongoing, and despite earlier reports that the Navy dismissed pings from the plane, it appears as though an Australian university might have uncovered its ocean crash location via nuclear-weapon detectors. (CNN)
On the homefront: Elliot Rodger's parents have spoken out for the first time since the UCSB shootings. They have vowed to help prevent tragedies like this from happening in the future. (Time)
The NSA has released the email Edward Snowden sent before exposing the organization's secret programs. Unfortunately, some facts don't add up between what Snowden revealed during his Wednesday night interview with Brian Williams and the actual correspondence. (ABC)
The United States' economy has shrunk for the first time since 2011. This isn't a bad thing, though. The labor market is slated to grow in the next quarter. (Bloomberg)
Finally, though the hail-a-cab service Uber has prided itself on being a job creator, it announced yesterday plans to replace its drivers with self-driving vehicles. (Valleywag)
Srirachaem'Photo: Courtesy of Huy Fong Foods.

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