8 Things To Know This AM — May 23 2014

Just as things were getting even more exciting for HBO's True Detective, Jessica Chastain goes and confirms that she will not be working on its next season. (New York Daily News)
One thing that is actually going to happen over in Hollywood: Angela Bassett is directing the upcoming Lifetime Original Movie Whitney Houston. (Lifetime)
In the fifth installment of his six-part series, "How Hip-Hop Failed Black America," Questlove tackles some intense questions from his readers. A truly worthwhile read. (Vulture)
The flailing media giant known as The New York Times approved, posted, and defended an offensive Islamaphobic ad on its homepage. You would think it'd want to lie low for a while after the Jill Abramson firing and its falling numbers. (Vox)
Will the Redskins be getting a new name and mascot? Responding to Native American activists, half of the U.S. Senate has drafted a letter encouraging the NFL's commissioner to have the Washington team make a change. (BBC)
Louisiana is the latest state to get hit by restrictive and anti-choice legislation, shutting down three of its five abortion clinics. Dark times may be ahead... (The New York Times)
Despite recent attempts to strengthen security measures in the western region of Xinjiang in China, at least 31 people have died and dozens more have been injured in a terrorist bombing. The exact reasoning for the attack is unknown, but many believe it to be rooted in ethnic tensions. (CNN)
A new Pentagon Report has uncovered the damage done by Edward Snowden's NSA leak. According to the documents, the impact is "staggering" and much worse than previously thought. (The Guardian)
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