5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 16 2014

If you thought the sting from tax day was brutal, news that you paid the government more than Boeing, GE, and Verizon did will sting even more. (The Daily Beast)
But, in happier government news, India courts now recognize transgender as the official third gender. (BBC)
On the tech front, the Rufus Cuff "Wrist Communicator" could be the answer to where the heck are all the promised smartwatches? (Mashable)
And, to answer the burning question of when audiences can watch Channing Tatum & Co. play stripper again: Magic Mike 2 will be released July 3, 2015. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Finally, for a longer read, The New Yorker predicted why the '80s are the new '90s. Here's why. (New Yorker)

Bonus Talking Points:

The front page news won't report on the majority of violence against women in minority groups, but Salon will. The following essay is something to be applauded, discussed, and, more importantly, used as a platform for change. (Salon)

Remember the days of portable cassette players — you know, a Walkman? Today's youth sure doesn't and this video is proof. (Business Insider)
asdPhotographed by Raven Ishak.

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