60 Seconds With Electro Songstress, Class Actress

Some rockers don't really like to talk about their look or fashion. That's cool, we get it. But Class Actress' Elizabeth Harper, Brooklyn's very own sultry electro crooner, knows that being a girl on the road still means being a lady, and when you play hot dance music, you ought to "make glamour happen." The gal's on the go: Her debut album, on the label owned by BK mega-producer/Grizzly Bear bassist Chris Taylor (he also worked with TV On The Radio and The Dirty Projectors) has got her trekking around the country, playing alongside groups like British Sea Power and Architecture in Helsinki. Like most acts on the fast track, she' plenty of road stories to share.
Refinery29: What is your number one piece of advice for a lady musician on tour?
Elizabeth: Beauty sleep is the ultimate luxury. If you can't get it, grab good sunglasses and a lot of hairspray.
R29: OK, so what sunglasses are your current must-haves?
E: Vintage Gazelles from the eighties.
R29: Vintage of new?
E: Vintage, always.
R29: What is the one thing you'd be lost without?
E: My jewelry. I'm a sucker for real gold.
R29: What is the strangest thing you have had to deal with as a rockstar?
E: Sometimes you have to make glamour happen in the most unglamorous places. Like, changing in a truck stop or putting on a full face and then coming out in full glamazon mode in the middle of nowhere. Everything about being a girl is complicated in comparison to being a boy. The guys are like, "What? I'm wearing this one pair of jeans for the next three weeks?" And I laugh and say, "Are you kidding me?"
R29: So, how do you keep it simple?
E: Eyeliner, good face soap, clean underwear—cute underwear, cuz you never know who you might meet—and stay comfortable. Number one: Be a babe wherever you go. It's not as hard as you think, as long as you just make it happen.

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