The 17 Faces Of The Future Of Feminism

Whether you proudly declare yourself a feminist or prefer to keep your views private, it's hard to ignore the cultural zeitgeist that is the current conversation about womanhood. Don't get us wrong: We're not saying that feminism wasn't a movement to be reckoned with prior to 2013. But with a new generation of thinkers, activists, and creatives taking up the mantle of women's rights, the movement has taken on a sense of vitality and a global scope — one that has surely been enhanced by the power of the Internet.
New initiatives are underway to expand reproductive rights and address income inequality, while women continue to push for a bigger piece of the pie when it comes to media. From female-centric pop culture blogs and thought-provoking TV series to stand-up comedy and porn (yes, even porn!), there are plenty of women (and men) out there who are working to create a better world for women on a daily basis. We've compiled our very first who's-who of these amazing thought leaders, and if you're curious to know what the future of feminism looks like, you'll want to study our list. Click through to meet them all.

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