5-Year-Old Bloggers, NYT Picks Who's Next In Fashion, And Tina Fey's Scar Disappears

Tina Fey's scar gets photoshopped out for Vogue . (Shine)
Forget other child fashion prodigies. This blogger is five years old and has a lot to doodle about NYFW shows. (Racked)
The gifts and tokens left in front of the McQueen store ranges from handwritten messages to IZZE sparkling juices. (Animal NY)
Knock Out Nailpolish—our go-to brand for matte shades modifies two of their existing colors to compliment DKNY runway: Check out the icy blue Pool, the peach-colored Sher, putty Plaster, and grayish Concrete. Their original inspiration? Bandaids, if you can believe that! (Elle)
Cathy Horyn's picks for who's next in fashion. The answers will...not surprise you. (NYT)

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