5 Things To Know This AM — Dec 30 2010

Show-stealer Kate Moss wants to record her own "urban" album. Considering how her personal life has basically circulated around the indie rock social club of the UK, no one is surprised. (Daily Mail UK)
It's been confirmed that French model Isabelle Caro has died after treatment for a lung infection in Tokyo late last November. Rumored to have weighed in at a gruesome 59 pounds during her anti-anorexia campaign, the model's cause of death, though unconfirmed, is not entirely a mystery. (Fashionista)
More read-headed models in the news today—The Cut posted an exclusive interview with German up-and-coming catwalk star Luisa Bianchin, who has seen "so many different crazy things" in behind industry doors that nothing shocks her anymore. (The Cut)
"So-and-so releasing a fragrance" is pretty run of the mill news, but Katy Perry isn't just planning a spritzer to keep in your bag. She's planning an aroma for her entire tour with which to gas out her audiences. Think about that before you take your asthma to see her. (CTV)
Kanye's new music video for "Monster" has leaked, with cannibal zombies, overt sexuality, and pretty girls hanging from the ceiling by their necks. It's like he's channeling both lady Gaga and Silent Hill. (Hypebeast)kate-recording-album-2

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