5 Things to Know This AM — Sep 15 2011

Kirstie Alley walked Zang Toi's runway to the surprise of all. (The Gloss)
American Apparel thanked the satirist who won their online plus-sized model search with a snippy letter. Helluva prize, there. (Consumerist)
Johanna Hillman is, as you might expect, an expert at spotting fashion victims. (Stylite)
Lindsay Lohan spazzed out at the Paper and Nine West party last night, harassing photographers and calling a reporter for The Cut a… ahem… See-You-Next-Tuesday for no good reason. Loser. (The Cut)
And just because you may be a little fashion fatigued, here's a collection of bloopers from the set of Golden Girls. You can thank us for being a friend later. (Mental Floss)
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