Leeann Works A Low (Low) Budget Like A Boss

The Refinery29 staff live for scoping out cool, inspiring outfits. Sometimes, that takes us around the globe, and, sometimes, they're sitting right next to us. Today it was the latter when we spotted our own contributing editor Leeann Duggan. Actually, we admit, we spotted her pants first. And then her shoes nearly blinded us (in an amazing way). And then we snapped her picture. Yes, it basically went down like that.
Of course, we also had to ask our coworker where she scored her finds, and truthfully, the answered shocked us. Not only did she purchase most of these pieces at a fast-fashion favorite, H&M, it also rang up in total for under $50. Now that's how you work with a super-low budget. Here's Leeann's side of the tale:
"I found these pants at one of my many recent trips to H&M to scavenge for my personal holy grail, the beige Margiela plexi pumps. I didn't find them — so I consoled myself with these pants, which were on sale for (wait for it) $7 (I spent more on my salad at Whole Foods today). I've been wanting to try the printed-pants thing for a while, but couldn't bring myself to shell out $200 at J.Crew for a trend that I suspected would make my thighs look big. These are perfect — I love the print; I think it looks like a bad '60s breakfast nook.
"I also picked up these metallic pumps at H&M, for the comparatively princely sale price of $19.95. I think they look very Alexander Wang-on-a-budget. The vintage cashmere sweater is from Village Style (my favorite source for cheap, vintage wools), and the necklace was the one thing I liked at one of those Regretsy-type holiday craft fairs. The total outfit cost about $39. As a deeply cheap person, I really enjoy watching peoples' eyes bug out when I tell them this.
"My outfit inspiration: ugly Prada prints, and I'm having dinner with my boyfriend's grandparents tonight — so I couldn't wear anything too scandalous."