Tired Of Tossing Beauty Products At The Airport? 3Floz Has Your Back

Once upon a time, there were two women who understood and set out to solve the plight of the modern-day traveler: having to toss anything over three ounces upon security screening at the airport. (Seriously, can we get no sympathy for that luxe moisturizer we saw tossed in the garbage?) Thus, they formed 3Floz, a service that would allow travelers to shop TSA-friendly minis of their favorite beauty products. Travelers could have these products shipped directly to their destination hotel and avoid the separation anxiety one would undoubtedly face when leaving a favorite, and necessary, beauty goody behind.
Now, the geniuses behind 3Floz have teamed up with ZoomSystems to make this service available right at the airport. This vending-machine-style kiosk will allow weary travelers to grab their must-have, oft-forgotten items such as sunscreen, hairspray and toothpaste right before hitting the tarmac.
The featured products available for instant purchase have not yet been confirmed, but with over 50 brands available, we're sure it won't be slim pickins come travel time.

Image: Via 3Floz

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