Tavi Gevinson Teaches Access Hollywood How To "Bitchface"

Another day, another reason for us to unabashedly celebrate the fact that a gal like Tavi Gevinson can exist in our world. Not only has the teen blogger created an authentically awesome empire, but despite her consistent appearances, celebrity followers, and designer friends, she is still so gosh-darned down-to-earth.
Which is front and center in her recent interview with celeb gossip show Access Hollywood, where a composed (albeit a little bashful) Gevinson talks about Rookie: Yearbook One. She mentions going to college, her excellent time management, and why host Billy Bush should let his kids read her book. The young writer expertly (and cheerfully) answers the slightly patronizing questions posed by Bush and Kit Hoover ("You must be the coolest girl in school!"), and, when asked, she enthusiastically teaches both how to "bitchface." (Well, as enthusiastic as bitchfacing gets, that is.)
"Really...just look like you don't care as much as possible," she explains. She then explains, "You can get some hands in there. Recently, someone suggested to me using gum. Like, snapping it and being really rude." But when it comes to actually bitchfacing on her own, Tavi's fresh-faced enthusiasm shines through too much. And to that, we say, thank goodness.

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