9 Simple Steps To The Modern-Day Bouffant

Marie Antoinette was said to have been the innovator behind the bouffant. Since then, everyone from Jackie O to Beyoncé has sported some variation of the elevated coiff. But, let's face it, the puffed-up hairstyle can easily trend a bit old-fashioned. Well, we're about to give that bad rep the boot: We tapped Erin Ahern, designer and educator at Salon Buzz, to show us how to rock a modern-day version of this oh-so sexy classic.
Sure, there's a little backcombing involved, but this bouffant looks effortless — not contrived. You need not be born with amazing body either. With a few tools and the right products, it's totally workable. Click through for the simple steps, and don a 'do that would make Adele proud.
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Trust us. You can pull off this salon-worthy 'do on your own. Here's how...

Model: Colleen Kloster, Factor Model Management
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No need to worry if you weren't born with naturally voluminous locks. There's one simple step that will achieve great body in a matter of minutes. If you're starting with wet hair, be sure to use a volumizing spray at the roots before blow-drying.
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Starting at the top of the scalp, wrap one-inch sections of hair around Velcro rollers and secure with hair clips.
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Continue in a row pattern to the nape of the neck.
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Set with hair spray and wait five minutes. Perfect time to read a little Refinery, no?
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Gently remove clips and rollers.
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Use your hands to blend hair after all the rollers have been removed.
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Make a center part. Section off two pieces of hair (about two inches each) in the front alongside each ear.
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Using a fine-tooth comb, start backcombing one-inch sections.
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Work from front to back in a row down the center of your scalp. Though the size of everyone's head size varies, you should have about six sections by the time you reach the back of your neck.
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Pull all the backcombed sections back and use your fingers — not a comb — to style in place. This is one of the key steps in ensuring that your bouffant looks natural and not overdone.
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Pull back the backcombed section of the hair and pinch in the center.
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Secure with two bobby pins in a crisscross pattern to lock them into place.
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Tease the two front sections to fill out the sides of the crown.
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Pull back and secure with a bobby pin in the crisscrossed "anchor" you created in the previous step.
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Repeat the same step on the other side.
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Secure the other side with a bobby pin using the same crisscross pattern.
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And there you have it!
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Your new look is just 15 minutes away. What are you waiting for?

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