5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 17 2012

Who says leopard isn't a classic? Not us! This timeline of the animal print spotlights everyone from Sophia Loren to Nicki Minaj — talk about a wide range. (WWD)
Here at R29, we're very appreciative of tattoos and are constantly inspired by the creative art that adorns people's bods. But temporary forehead ink? We're not so sure we'd go there. (MTV Style)
Will 2012 officially be the year of Ryan Lochte? No, he's not as major as another Ryan ("hey girl") we know, but Karlie Kloss gives him the okay, so perhaps there's hope yet. (The Cut)
We are simultaneously fascinated and freaked out by these personal robots who can do everything from clean your house to turn on your TV. Welcome to the future, folks — these robots are the real deal. (Flavorwire)
Say it ain't so, Lauren Conrad! Normally we're all for LC, but seeing this video of her tearing apart a hardcover book in order to make a storage box, sadly, hurts our hearts. (Buzzfeed)
Photo: Via WWD

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