Smirks, Grins, And The All-Tooth Bare: What Your Smile Really Says

If you have any doubts about the power of a smile, perhaps you've never used it to get you out of a speeding ticket before. And while, sure, it doesn't always work out quite as well as you might hope, your smile may actually be much more powerful and revealing than you think.
Take, for instance, Glo's recent look at 16 different kinds of grins that may not all convey utter bliss and happiness. From the sultry tantalizing smirk to the perplexed smile (likely one half of the smile-and-nod combo), and, of course, the all-out teeth-barer accompanied by fits of laughter and tears of joy, they've broken down the intentions behind the facial expressions — and trust, it's not only Mona Lisa's smile that can throw you for a loop.
Click over to see the complete and thorough smile breakdown (smize included), that's not quite as cheesy as you would imagine. (Glo)

Photo: Via Glo


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