Britain's Most Beautiful Woman Is Blonde & Blue-Eyed, According To Math

Florence Colgate is a very pretty girl — and if it's true that she's really without makeup in this photo, a very lucky one, as well. However, Colgate also has math on her side, backing up her beauty. According to the measurements of her face, Colgate's visage is practically perfectly symmetric. She has a 2:1 distance ratio of ear-to-ear length over pupil-to-pupil, as well as a mouth-to-eye/hairline-to-chin ratio that fits the scientific ideal. And all of that has earned her the tittle of "Britain's most beautiful face." But, with something as subjective as beauty, is it fair to suggest that there is such a thing as a single ideal?
People magazine may argue that Beyoncé is the most beautiful, and we have looked to ladies ranging from Poppy Delevigne to Liya Kebede to inspire us in the past — but never with a ruler in our hands.
When it comes to Colgate, she certainly has many of the traits of Cinderella-esque beauty — blonde hair, blue eyes, Caucasian, young. However, while she may be extremely genetically blessed, we can't help but think that there are plenty of other women of different ethnicities, races, hair colors, and ages that are equally attractive despite how their ratios read. Go ahead, weigh in: When it comes to beauty, what kind of ruler are you using to judge? (Gawker)
Photo: Via Gawker

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