Festival Fashion! 50 Hot Snaps From Coachella

Kicking off on Friday the 13th this year, the Coachella weekend began on a freaky foot. With uncommonly wild weather, it felt way more Glastonbury than the steamy desert show SoCal’s grown so accustomed to. We even had to make an emergency trip to Target for tights — never thought we’d see that day.
The elements definitely had their way with festival-goers, but it actually made for an amazing visual feast (layers, baby!). And we ended up getting the best of both worlds, anyway, because by Sunday, the mercury finally rose, and we saw an explosion of crop tops, cutoffs, and barely-there luxe-hippie garb.
Shutter-happy and with eyes like hawks, we stomped the grounds to bring you snaps of all the intoxicating outfits, including the ones donned by the belles of the musical ball (read: Kate Bosworth, Karlie Kloss, Lily Donaldson, and Dree Hemingway). If you’re going next weekend, you’ll find plenty of packing fodder here — and if not, consider it summer wardrobe inspiration galore!
Photographed by Mark Iantosca

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