20 Affordable & Amazing Jeans — All Under $100!

Although we wish we could scoop up every pair of jeans that call out to us from the racks (especially those high-design versions), we know it's never smart to indulge in this comfy staple just to end up with an empty bank account. But luckily, these days, there's no need to go broke, thanks to a host of brands spinning out denim wonders for well under $100. And this is especially awesome news here in the Bay, where we need a full arsenal of jeans to battle those dang microclimates, year-round.
Well, we hear you, and we're on it. From classic legs-for-miles, bootcut versions to the bright and cheery hues that'll make you feel the springtime vibes, no matter what the weatherman says, here are the 20 hottest pairs around. The best part? Since each of these beauties is super budget friendly, you don't have to pick just one! Click away, stock up without remorse, and make your bottom half your better half in a snap — and a zip.