Shoe Stalking: Putting Your Best (And Brightest) Foot Forward

Walking down Collins Avenue is fine for some window-shopping, but a more fun (and less wallet-achey) way to dream about what adorns our feet is taking a peek at what tromps down the street. Miami not only has some seriously bright and exciting pumps and booties, but with the sandals we get to wear, our toe game has to be spot-on. So, after stalking spotting some excellent footwear all over town (on incredibly cool people, too!) we've put together our 15 best shoe snaps. Hopefully, we nailed all the good trends — studs, animal print, neon — but also found some pretty sweet curveballs that're making our must-shop summer 2012 lists. Take a gander, but a warning: Shoe-related day-dreaming may occur.
Photographed by Karla Garcia