16 Trendsetting Tokyo Street-Style Snaps

If you learn only one word in Japanese, wrap your tongue around kakkoii. Slang for cool, we threw this baby around more than konnichiwa during our five-day sojourn to Japan Fashion Week, in Tokyo last week. It proved to be the magic word when it came to Tokyo street style — coupled with the (very enthusiastic) two-thumbs up sign, we used it to break down the language barrier, and to describe the shots we snapped of Japanese trend-setting in action.
We fought epic jet-lag and hot-stepped it around town—from the posh streetscapes of Ginza and Omotesandō to the trendy traffic jams of Shibuya and Harujaku—to bring you the most inspiring looks from Asia's fashion capital....without the 13 hour flight. Dou itashimashite (we'll let you look that one up).
Photographed by Erin Yamagata

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