5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 19 2012

What does Kate Moss look like, modeling couture in Vogue? Pretty similar to what we looked like lounging at home this weekend...in our dreams. (Styleite)
Fun and inexpensive costume jewelry is a great way to zhuzh up your look in a snap, but these festive baubles are hiding an ugly secret. Guess what's lurking inside your favorite pieces of flair that could be seriously dangerous. (The Cut)
Rihanna may be launching her own clothing line. Is it too predictable if it's S&M-inspired? (Elle)
Fashion goes functional with a line of clothing that comes in handy in case of a blackout. Simply charge up and enjoy the spotlight (radiating from your dress) all night long. (Huffington Post)
The Model Alliance reveals scary insight into the biz with a survey of the models themselves. Click through for a breakdown of the stats regarding on-the-job sexual harassment, eating disorders, and exposure to drugs. The truth is not pretty. (Fashionista)
Photo: Via Styleite

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