Rad Or Bad: Could You Get Into Black Bean Cupcakes?

Call us epi-curious, but a new treat from a local chef is whetting our appetites and raising our eyebrows. The trusty ingredient for so many south-of-the-border dishes becomes the main focus in a new dessert from chef Hedy Goldsmith of Michael's Genuine Food & Drink. Taking on a challenge from Goya, Goldsmith created a Goya Black Bean, Ginger, and Lime Cupcake with Guava Frosting — yes, it's a (strange) mouthful.
We're usually all over any new dessert, but we're approaching this one with a bit more trepidation. It could be the best combo since salt and chocolate, but alternatively this confection might just leave us with a bad taste in our mouths (and a toilet break later). We figure if anyone can make us melt into a food coma, it would be a seasoned pastry chef like Hedy, but would you dive head-first into this new dish, or save the black beans for your side of rice and guac? Share your foodie insight below, and click through for the whole enchilada recipe—if you're not feeling vom vom. (Sun Sentinel)

Photo: Via Sun Sentinel

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