A Computer Programmer Answers The Age-Old Question: What Size Am I?

Wouldn't it be nice if all brands used the same sizing? You wouldn't have to try anything on or order multiple sizes from online stores, and there'd be no mystery behind your perpetually changing jean size. While the chances of retailers ever settling on a universal 2, 4, and 6 are slim to none, a U.K. computer programmer (and our new BFF) named Anna Powell-Smith is giving us the next best thing.
What Size Am I? is a new web app that tells you what your size is in various brands' tops, skirts, and dresses according to the waist, bust and hips measurements you provide. We all have a similar calculator built into our heads by now, but Powell's intense research shows not only the sizes of several specific stores, but also the body shape they most cater to (the app actually recommends the brands — and sizes — you should be wearing, for the best possible fit).
Also, we kind of want to wallpaper our office with that bird background the site has going on — just a thought.
Of course, we do have one last burning question: Why hasn't a similar site ever graced the World Wide Web before? Powell explains it away, saying that the worlds of computer programming and fashion just don't really interact that much. Rude! (Guardian)

Photo: Via What Size Am I?

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