Want To Clean Up In 2012? Here's What To Keep — And Toss

Want to start 2012 feeling on top of the world? The secret is being organized, and the secret to being organized is — if you ask life coach and author Gail Blanke — throwing out 50 items. (Note: By throwing out, we mean recycling, donating, or giving away, obvi.)
This seems like a pretty serious challenge, no? Could you part with 50 things from your home? What could you toss, no sweat, and what would someone have to pry out of your panicked grip? We've concocted a list of 10 things to hold onto and 10 things to purge, to get you started. Add your suggestions in the comments and get us to the big 5-0! (Stylelist)
Keep These:
1. A Breton stripe tee. Saint James Naval II Shirt, $130, available at La Garconne.
2. The first book you remember reading. The Swiss Family Robinson, $10.20, available at Books-A-Million.
3. A pair of perfectly worn-in motorcycle boots. Dr. Martens Becca Engineer Boot, $144.99, available at Zappos.
4. A good-quality hair brush. Mason Pearson Junior Mixture Bristle/Nylon Hair Brush, $140, available at Beauty Bar.
5. The ideal chambray shirt. TopShop Denim Fitted Shirt, $60, available at TopShop.
... And These:
6. A tried-and-true leather jacket. Schott Lambskin Perfecto, $460, available at Schott NYC.
7. Leopard-print flats. Mia Britannia loafer, $89, available at Piperlime.
8. One (just one!) pair of ultra-comfy sweatpants for days you just can't bear to get dressed. Eddie Bauer French Terry Jaspe Pants, $19.99, available at Eddie Bauer.
9. A classic satchel that goes from work to weekend. J.Crew Biennial Satchel, $348, available at J.Crew.
10. Family photos. Display them in unique frames to make them feel more like decor and less like clutter. Anthropologie Repurposed Frame, $28, available at Anthropologie.
Now, Toss These:
1. Expired vitamins. New year, new you — start out with fresh supplements.
2. Old mascara, foundation, and concealer. These things expire, too! If the consistency, color, or smell has changed, toss it.
3. Low-rise denim. We feel confident that those nearly-butt-baring jeans won't be resurfacing anytime soon.
4. Super-teeny cross-body bags. Because, really, what can you store in that thing, anyway?
5. Old greeting cards. Only keep what you love, not what you feel obligated to save.
6. CDs and DVDs. Jump into 2012 headfirst and store your multimedia collection on a hard drive or online.
7. Old magazines. If you're really attached to certain editorials, try clipping them out and keeping all your inspiration in one place, like a pretty scrapbook or a sleek binder.
8. Stretched-out hair elastics. Give up on them before they give out on you.
9. Almost-empty bath products. Make a conscious effort to blow through those bottles with only a little product left in them, instead of letting them linger (and multiply!) in your shower.
10. Extra kitchen supplies. Do you really need all those dishes, place settings, silverware, and kitchen gizmos? Try paring down to the essentials and donate the overflow.

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