Inside Three A+ Ivy League Dorm Rooms!

With barely enough room to open your closet doors (that is, if you're lucky enough to have a closet), it's hard to feel chic in a dorm room sized-space. But if anyone can gussy up tiny living quarters, it's bound to the innovative students in NYC who actually live in, well, dorm rooms. With that in mind, we scoured Columbia University to find three mini-digs with three distinct visions. One's a bit artistic, covered in cool wall art made completely out of tape; one's kind of classic, with black-and-white prints and oversized stripes; and one's totally collegiate prep—think croquet sets and Ionic columns. And, don't worry if you're a pupil no more: These Morningside Heights matchboxes provide design inspiration for us all, cuz let's get real: No room for a queen sized bed? Hardly enough space for a bedside lamp? Sounds like a typical New York apartment to us!

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