10 Fall Coats You Can Wear In Winter, Too!

When leaves begin to turn here in Chicago, it feels so good to slip into a sublimely chic and simple new coat. Oh, but then our dreams are utterly dashed when all too quickly, we have to trade in that lovely little topper for something more arctic-grade when the mercury really begins to plummet. It borders on trauma, really. We're tired of it, and we know you are, too, so we came up with a plan...and some options. The fall coats waiting for you just a click away have a few tricks up their sleeves (literally). With detachable collars, hoods, and linings, these outerwear heroines can stay with you once we move from pumpkin patches and apple-picking to gift-wrapping and (ugh) snow-shoveling. Before you assume you'll be sacrificing a lot of your style savviness to our all-too-familiar weather woes, just trust us. Cute can come in a warm, versatile package.

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