13 Peeps Spotted At The 20th Street Block Party

Whether it was the delicious franks churned out by Trick Dog or the killer live acts that amped up the afternoon, there was a plethora of rad reasons to attend last Saturday’s 20th Street Block Party. What was our motive to stomp around the fête? To find the most stylish kids on the block, hands down! With our shutterbug in tow, we navigated through the packed crowds and spotted the event’s sartorial set, all dressed up in casual-cool weekend garb.
From a chic overalls ensemble to a 90s-tastic outfit complete with a backwards ballcap, you’re going to want to peep through these looks for a serious dose of stylish inspiration that will be the perfect remedy to any fashion rut. In fact, click through it twice and call us in the morning.

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