Wait, Does Bachelor in Paradise End Early This Season?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
"This could be the end of Paradise," one worried contestant says in the promo for the September 21 Bachelor in Paradise episode. No, she wasn't talking about any dating drama or relationship scandal — she was talking about a tropical storm that resulted in host Wells Adams telling the contestants that they were briefly getting evacuated from their beachside resort. And we do mean briefly.
While the Paradise filming location in Sayulita, Mexico was put under storm watch in mid-June, the contestants probably weren't barred from the beach for long. Tropical Storm Dolores, the likely storm in question, lasted just a couple of days from June 18 to 20 before dissipating. Meanwhile, according to Women's Health, Bachelor in Paradise season seven kept filming until June 26, which is when the contestants began showing back up on social media post-show.
Since filming began on June 8, season seven's length has been on par with previous seasons. The show has always taped in about three weeks, which is about half the timeline of a regular Bachelor or Bachelorette season. (That's why it's always been so interesting to see proposals come out of the short series.)
Previous seasons of Bachelor in Paradise have been anywhere from seven to 13 episodes long, and season seven is currently scheduled for 12 episodes — which means it would wrap on October 12. Michelle Young's Bachelorette season will then take over the series' Tuesday night slot beginning October 19.
Tropical storms and hurricanes are always going to be a potential risk when shooting a show on the beach, so it's surprising that season seven marks the first time we've seen evacuation drama play out on screen. But rest assured that even if the cast gets temporarily removed from their tropical paradise, they'll be back less than 48 hours later ready to film another week of the show.
Any love connections that may have grown during their shelter in place will just make for more ~dramatic~ TV.

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