How The He’s All That Cast & Cameos Pay Homage To The Original

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
Another day, another remake, reboot, or revival. This time, Netflix has turned She's All That into He's All That, which is now streaming. Rather than a high school boy betting that he can turn a nerdy, art-loving student into the prom queen, this time, a popular girl bets that she can turn a rebellious, photography-loving boy into the prom king. By the way, both movies are actually remakes, because the story is based on the play Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw.
Aside from the gender-flipped aspect of He's All That, this time the popular girl is a teenage social media star played by actual social media star Addison Rae, making this whole thing particularly of the time. Gone are the simple days of your most embarrassing moment being only revealed within your own high school. Now gossip like that is broadcast to the world.
He's All That is full of new young stars, but a few familiar faces from the original turn up, too. Most notably, Rachael Leigh Cook, who starred as Laney Boggs in She's All That, plays the main character's mother this time. But she's not the only actor who is back for round two. On a completely different note, the movie also features an extremely famous reality star shockingly not playing herself.
Click through the slideshow to check out the She's All That cast and see which actors they're taking over for from the original.

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