Everyone Who’s Chasing John David Washington In Netflix’s Beckett

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
The newest addition to Netflix's big summer movie slate is Beckett, a thriller about an American man in Greece trying to figure out why people keep shooting at him. Well, if we put it in the simplest terms, that is. There's also a lot more going on that involves Greek politics, corrupt police, and the U.S. Embassy in Athens.
John David Washington stars as the titular character, Beckett, a man who is on vacation in Greece with his girlfriend, April (Alicia Vikander). After they are involved in an accident that sends their car careening off a cliff, Beckett awakes to find himself in a hospital without April. When he's questioned by police, something he says about the accident causes them start acting very differently toward him. Soon, people are trying to kill him and he ends up being chased around Greece in his attempt to get the U.S. Embassy and save himself.
The primary Beckett cast isn't that big, because the movie is centered around one guy running from assassins. But, in addition to the characters played by Washington and Vikander, a couple of other faces that might be familiar to you pop up, too.

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