Katie’s Aunt Lindsay Made Some Points On The Bachelorette, Actually

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Major spoilers are ahead. On the finale of The Bachelorette, Blake Moynes finally got to meet Katie Thurston's mom and her aunt Lindsay, and it was… definitely a test. It was clear that the two women are fiercely protective of Katie, and they weren't going to fall all over themselves for Blake. Just in case Katie was a little too head-in-the-clouds, her Aunt Lindsay, especially, worked to provide clarity for her and get answers to some major questions. And while fans were full of opinions after Aunt Lindsay let Blake have it, the woman made some points. She got real with Blake; that doesn't make her the second coming of Barb Weber.
Still, after Aunt Lindsay took Blake to task, Twitter exploded with comparisons between Aunt Lindsay and Peter Weber's mom Barb. On Peter's season, Barb clearly liked Hannah Ann Sluss more than Madison Prewett, and she let everyone know it. Even when Peter broke up with Hannah Ann to get together with Madison, Barb wasn't budging. She openly rolled her eyes and berated Madison at the After the Final Rose, to the point where she made all of us (and, seemingly her son) feel just as uncomfortable as Madison. Aunt Lindsay is another story.
In fact, she was asking similar question reminiscent of those lobbed by Blake's own sister Taylor Moynes during his hometown visit. Questions like how does he know their relationship is real, what would he do if things got hard, what does he envision for the couple's next steps together? These are valid, imperative questions when your loved one could be getting engaged after a handful of weeks of knowing someone. 
Aunt Lindsay's tone was brusque and matter-of-fact — much like Taylor's. Let's not forget that Taylor openly called Blake out on dating not one, but three Bachelorettes in less than a year and prompted him to explain how he could possibly know then that Katie was "the one." As if she knew she would be starring in the sequel to Taylor's tough talk, Aunt Lindsay sarcastically called Blake "cute" when he threw out an empty line about wanting Aunt Lindsay's approval. "You ultimately mean nothing," she said with a laugh. "You better be secure as shit coming into our family. Because at the end of the day you're here because we want you here. Not because we need you here." 
It was harsh, but not so harsh that it warranted fans comparing Aunt Lindsay to the giant flaming effigy that Blake and Katie set on fire before getting engaged. The woman was just trying to help both Katie and Blake with what she said. Her points were perhaps born out of previous men entering the family and not being able to hack it. Aunt Lindsay was preparing him for the reality of being in a serious relationship with Katie — and her ability to tell everyone how she really feels is something she clearly shares with Katie. The Bachelorette said Aunt Lindsay was "like a sister" to her and a "tough cookie," so she knew there was potential for her aunt to take Blake to task — but that's kind of what these Bachelor-verse couples need. They're so in their own heads, thanks to producers and the bubbles within these shows are filmed, which means family members don't have much time to pop those bubbles and make sure the couple can thrive out here in reality too. 
Barb seemed to embarrass her son on live television when she rebuked the woman he loved. Lindsay just asked some tough questions to make sure Moynes was ready to be with Thurston and vice versa. She didn't do anything Blake's own sister didn't do. These lines of questioning will not be the hardest thing this relationship endures. So if anything, both Blake's family and Thurston's were doing them a favor by putting them through their first test. It was up to them to pass.  

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