There Are Some Surprises In The Young Royals Cast

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix's Young Royals has it all: the glamorous setting of Elite, the politics and theatrics of The Crown, the Nordic teenage awkwardness of Skam. But what very few shows also have is a cast that includes a former boy band member, a Star Wars alum, and several Swedish newcomers (including some actual teenagers playing teenagers).
Young Royals is a juicy drama with some Gossip Girl-style twists and and a royal backdrop, but ultimately, it's romantic coming-of-age story between two teenagers living very different lives. When Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) becomes embroiled in a scandal, the monarchy sends him to Hillerska, an elite boarding school for the rich, renowned, and royal. Upon his arrival, Wilhelm is automatically popular, by virtue of his title — but the one person he really connects with is Simon (Omar Rudberg), a gay scholarship student who stays out of the spotlight and commutes to school.
With just six episodes, Young Royals keeps a lot of the focus on Wilhelm's love story and personal growth. But there are some other compelling characters we meet at (and outside of) Hillerska, like rich jerk August (Malte Gårdinger); image-obsessed equestrian Felice (Nikita Uggla) and Simon's perceptive and thoughtful sister, Sara (Frida Argento). Here's the run-down on the painfully awkward, relatable, and sometimes calculating students of Young Royals, and everything to know about the real-life Gen Zers who play them.

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