Billie Eilish’s Boyfriend Apologizes For Past Alleged Offensive Posts

Photo: Koury Angelo/Getty Images.
We've barely even been introduced to Billie Eilish's boyfriend (no, not the ex fans think she wrote "Your Power" about), and already he's apologizing for past racist and homophobic posts on Twitter and Facebook.
"I want to apologize for the things that I wrote on social media in the past," wrote 29-year-old Matthew Tyler Vorce, who works as an actor. "The language I used was hurtful and irresponsible and I understand how offensive those words are. Whether it was a lyric, a quote or just me being dumb, it does not matter."
The apology comes after fans found old social media posts in which he allegedly used racist and homophobic slurs, slut shamed women, and wrote offensive and fatphobic posts — including a 2012 Facebook post in which he called Adele "British Miss Piggy."
Eilish came to Vorce's defense, claiming the posts were "literally made up" and admonished her fandom for thinking otherwise. "This fandom is so embarrassing sometimes like why would you go in someone's comments and say something that you literally don't even know is true," she wrote on Instagram. "Sometimes y'all are so dumb. Some of you just need to learn how to mind your business." However, his apology seems to suggest the opposite.
Eilish and Vorce were first seen together in April having coffee in Santa Barbara, California. Since then, they've kept their relationship quiet, but this incident is likely not the way they hoped to make it publicly official.
"I am ashamed and deeply sorry that I used them in any context. It is not how I was raised and it is not what I stand for," Vorce continued. "I shouldn't have used this language in the first place and I won't use it again. I am so sorry for the hurt I have caused."
"I take full responsibility and continue to hold myself accountable for my actions," he concluded.
Refinery29 reached out to Eilish for comment.

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