Our Thoughts Are With Connor B.’s Students During This Season Of The Bachelorette

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
We’re only two episodes into Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, and already we’re starting to see a few contestants emerging as the frontrunners. One of these hopefuls is Connor Brennan, a.k.a. the guy who showed up on the first night in a full cat costume.
Katie seems to like Connor B. a lot — so much so that she was willing to make out with him despite having his Cats cosplay on. And we get it: he's a good-looking 8th grade math and music teacher from Nashville who has two degrees and can play the guitar. But unfortunately, Connor B. seems to have completely forgotten that he likely has actual pre-teen students who are watching this very popular reality show.
During a group date on the June 14 “Week 2” episode, the men were tasked with coming up with ways to express how they are as "lovers" and perform for Katie on stage. Connor B. grabbed his guitar and started playing a song full of innuendos about his — ahem — talents, including one line in which he said that because he plays piano he's "good with his fingers." The internet promptly freaked out — not only cringing for themselves, but on behalf of his poor math students watching. And on top of that, there's even a clip in the promo for the rest of the season where Connor B. is playing the ukulele naked in a bathtub.
It's one thing to just imagine what he means with the "hands" thing, but another to see them in action. No, there wasn't any R-rated action happening on national TV, but we got a glimpse of Connor B.'s hands doing their thing during his "re-do" second kiss with Katie. And — how can we put this delicately — let's just say that this teacher did not get a passing grade on the assignment.
Maybe anybody who takes — or will ever take — Connor B.'s class should just sit this one out until Bachelor In Paradise?

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