Why These 8 In The Heights Songs Aren’t In The Movie

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.
The In The Heights soundtrack has dropped, giving old fans new versions of the songs they love and new fans a fresh entry into the Broadway musical that first put Lin-Manuel Miranda on the map. The In The Heights movie doesn't really add a lot of songs, like some movie musical adaptations of Broadway hits are wont to do, but there are a handful of songs from the stage show that that are missing.
Not to be that musical theatre geek, but for clarification: movie musicals have soundtracks and stage musicals have cast recordings or cast albums (be it Original Cast Recording, Original Broadway Cast Recording, Original West End Cast Recording, Revival Cast Recording... you get it). Yes, people often use the word soundtrack for both, and I'm trying to be better about cringing when someone says something like "have you listened to the Hadestown soundtrack," but since this is about the differences between the In The Heights movie and the Broadway show it's best to stick to the proper terminology.
Don't stress too much; most of the songs are in the movie. Some of them are in a different order, which makes sense because stage plays and movies are structured a little differently. (For starters, there's no intermission to worry about.) Here are the handful that didn't make the film, what they added to the stage show, and why they got (probably) got cut.

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