A Decade Later, Kristin Cavallari Is Back On The Hills

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The Hills: New Beginnings is about to get very Cavallari. In the new trailer for season 2 of The Hills: New Beginnings — a spinoff of MTV's classic early aughts reality TV series The Hills, and before that, Laguna Beach — we get a taste of the drama to come from familiar faces Brody Jenner, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, and Audrina Patridge. At the end, however, the show drops the biggest bomb of all: the return of the recently divorced Kristin Cavallari, who appeared on the original Hills from 2009 to 2010.
In the clip, the reality stars express their hopes, as well as their fears, as they get older. At one point, Jenner shares that he wants to turn over a new leaf. "I've hurt a lot of people that I love. And that's not the Brody I want to be," he says. In another scene, Patridge concedes that it's difficult to date as a single mom. And later, a dejected Montag talks to her husband Pratt about trying to have a second child. "I thought we were getting more serious about trying to get pregnant," she says to him. He responds that it might be "dangerous for baby for you to be so stressed out every day" as tears roll down her face.
Then, in a very dramatic ending, Cavallari steps out of a black car, adjusting her hair as she makes her grand entrance. Then we hear a voiceover making a toast: "To being reunited." 
This is the first time since the personality and entrepreneur has taken part in a reality series since her show Very Cavallari ended last May. "I'm actually really excited. It will be fun to see the crew," she said on the Pillows and Beer podcast about her return. "When I was doing Very Cavallari, Heidi and Audrina came on my show and so we swapped episode for episode but because of COVID and everything we're finally now just getting around to it. Yeah, I'm excited."
However, she'll only be appearing in one episode. "Do I go in and just stir the pot and then I'm like, 'See ya!'" she joked.
I guess we'll see when the show premieres May 12 on MTV. 

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