One Of The Masked Singer‘s Yeti Clues May Be A Painfully Obvious R&B Reference

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Spoilers are ahead. The Masked Singer has finally completed its season 5 cast with the arrival of the last wildcard: the Yeti. Compared to the other latecomers this season, the Yeti is definitely the contestant who should’ve been on the show since the beginning. After one performance, he was quickly deemed a frontrunner by the panel. So, who is this party crasher who could potentially take the crown?
Considering the Yeti is gracing The Masked Singer stage with his presence six weeks into the season, it would be nice if the show gave us some extra clues to play catch up. But instead, the Yeti’s introduction might be the most vague set of clues so far this season. The song choice and dance moves give him a slightly old-school vibe which suggests he became successful in the ‘90s or 2000s. Let’s look at some stars from those eras and see if we can narrow down who just shook up this season of The Masked Singer.

Clues That The Yeti Is Omarion

Yeti's debut makes it hard to deny he is a professional singer. He nailed his version of New Edition’s “If It Isn’t Love” which included pitch-perfect vocals and smooth dance moves. The performance seemed to indicate a R&B boy band singer might be inside the both slightly scary and cuddly costume. One boy band member who is at the top of the guessing list is B2K’s Omarion. 
The Yeti’s entrance from Week 6: The Yeti’s grand entrance involved him being wheeled onto the stage in a giant, snowy cage — or perhaps a box of ice? Omarion’s biggest hit is called “Ice Box.”
Robin Thicke’s comment about height from Week 6: Since the Yeti needed to be transported onto the stage, the panel assumed he was a massive person. When he was finally unleashed from his cage and stood next to host Nick Cannon, panelist Robin Thicke noted that he is not “quite as tall” as he appears. Omarion is around 5’6” tall. 
The berry sandwich from Week 6: An unusual snack is shown in the Yeti’s clue package: a berry and jelly sandwich. The sweet treat could be a reference to Omarion’s real name: Omari Ishmael Grandberry. 
Three cupcakes from Week 6: The camera zoomed in on three cupcakes. The desserts could represent that three official albums B2K released in the early 2000s: B2K, Santa Hooked Me Up, and Pandemonium!
“My ego caused tons of chaos and it all blew up” quote from Week 7: The Yeti’s second set of clues focused on a moment in his past when he threw away his success. After hitting number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with their single “Bump Bump Bump” in 2002, B2K seemed destined for greatness. However, just two years later the group announced they were breaking up. In a 2019 sit down interview with VladTV, Omarion said the boyband got into a heated argument in 2003 when they were on tour which was a catalyst for their eventual split. He also admitted that his impending solo career played a role in the breakup. He described the environment  at the time as a “me versus them” situation. 
The “ABC” cards with a separated “D” from Week 7: There are four members of B2K: Omarion, J-Boog, Raz-B, and Lil’ Fizz. The cards could represent B2K being a unit before they split and Omarion pursued a solo career. 
“Twice in a lifetime chance to do it again” line from Week 7: In his second clue package, the Yeti reunited with the men in black as he talked about leaving his ego behind and seizing an opportunity again.  After being separated for more than 15 years, B2K announced they were reuniting in 2019 for The Millennium Tour. The Yeti’s clue package could refer to Omarion reconciling with the other members for this tour. 
Donuts--Food Delivery Clue from Week 7: Thicke suggested that the donuts, which were O-shaped, could be a nod to Omarion’s name. He then abandoned his guess and instead mentioned the singer Mario. The Masked Singer does not usually show the panel making correct guesses early on in the season. The donuts and Thicke swapping his solid theory of Omarion for Mario are more hints that the “Icebox” singer is the Yeti.  

Previous Guesses:

The Yeti Is Marques Houston

Yeti was giving off R&B boy band vibes, so it felt possible that he was someone in a group similar to B2K. Marques Houston, also known for playing neighbor Roger on Sister, Sister, is a member of the group IMx, formerly called Immature. He has a strong singing voice just like the Yeti and there were a few clues that supported this theory.
Three Cupcakes from Week 6: The three desserts could represent the three members of IMx and their aliases: Houston as “Batman,” Jerome Jones as “Romeo,” and Kelton Kessee as “LDB.” 
“Wild force to be reckoned with'' line from Week 6: The Yeti’s initial clue package focused on him acting reckless before being tamed by the women in his life. The clue could connect to IMx’s original name: Immature. Plus, the group’s first two albums are titled On Our Worst Behavior and Playtyme Is Over
“Yeti is all about love, love, love” response from Week 6: The Yeti said his Nick “Cannon” Clue (a t-shirt with the word “aphrodite”) showed he is a loving monster. This explanation could be a nod to the emotional ballads Houston has released as a member of IMx and a solo artist. The trio sang one of these heartfelt songs, “Tamika,” on an episode of Sister, Sister
This story will continue to be updated as new clues are revealed on The Masked Singer.

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