Everyone In The Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! Cast — Besides Jamie Foxx, Jamie Foxx, & Jamie Foxx

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
It's been years since Jamie Foxx has starred on a sitcom. He's a mainstream, Oscar-winning, movie actor now, but once upon a time he was known as the star of The Jamie Foxx Show and an In Living Color alum. He's returning to those TV roots for Netflix's Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!, which he produced with his daughter Corinne Foxx. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! is loosely based on their real father-daughter relationship, but while Foxx plays a version of himself, Corinne helped cast an actor to play her role: Nickelodeon star Kyla-Drew.
The series was a fun opportunity for the real father and daughter to work together and draw humor from their own lives — because, yes, Corinne did think her A-list dad was embarrassing. "He's very charismatic and he's, you know, an entertainer," she told CBS This Morning. "And that's great when he's an actor. But when he's a dad, that's the last thing a teenage daughter wants her dad to be, which is over-the-top and drawing attention to himself." But now that she's no longer a teen, she said she can see how good she had it growing up.
Will Sasha (Kyla-Drew) feel that way about her dad Brian (Jamie Foxx) one day too? That's a story for another, future season of the new Netflix show. For now, he's just mortifying — as are the three other characters Foxx played on the series...

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