Only A Few Characters In Rebel Seem To Be Inspired By Real People

Photo: courtesy of ABC.
ABC's new drama series Rebel has a familiar story, even if it doesn't have a familiar name. Inspired by Erin Brockovich (who serves as an executive producer), the series focuses on a lawyer without a law degree fighting for the underdog.
The series' lead, Annie "Rebel" Bello (Katey Sagal), isn't quite the same as the Brockovich of the 2000 Julia Roberts film. There's the obvious name change, but this time around, she's an older, wiser — still fearless — legal advocate. Rebel pits herself against greedy corporations, including a medical company creating faulty heart valves, but is more of an observer than the Brockovich we knew 21 years ago.
"Sometimes, I’m very quiet. I monitor and observe what’s going on with people," the real Brockovich told the Lake Geneva Regional News.
Rebel is rounded out by members of the titular character's family, from her husband and two ex-husbands to her three children (two of whom work with her at the law firm), but it appears that only Rebel is based off a real-life person. The faces will be familiar to viewers, however, from John Corbett playing husband Grady to Andy García as Julian, who runs the law firm the Bellos work at.
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