The Serpent Soundtrack Mixes The Rolling Stones With French & Thai ’70s Hits

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
Spoilers are ahead. The new Netflix true crime thriller The Serpent chronicles the 1970s crime spree of now-convicted murderer Charles Sobhraj (Tahar Rahim) and his girlfriend Marie-Andrée Leclerc (Jenna Coleman). As a period drama, the show could have gone one of two ways with its soundtrack. Either it could pull a Bridgerton and mix modern day songs in with the old-timey drama, or it could stay on theme with songs from the era it portrays.
The Serpent chose the latter. The soundtrack is mostly made up of tunes from the '70s, with a mix of French and Thai songs to reflect the background of the characters and the location they're in. It all helps root the setting in place for us, because it not only looks like the '70s in Thailand, it sounds like the '70s in Thailand.
To round out the soundtrack, composer Dominik Scherrer created 19 classical songs to score some of the most dramatic scenes. You can find that official soundtrack here. But if you're looking to find the other tunes heard in the show, featuring hit '70s artists like The Rolling Stones and Funkadelic, this list has you covered with all the songs from the show.

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