How The Serpent’s Cast Of Characters Compares To The Real People

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
Spoilers are ahead. The true crime series The Serpent on Netflix tells the dark story of conman and convicted murderer Charles Sobhraj (Tahar Rahim) and his lover Marie-Andrée Leclerc (Jenna Coleman) who was by his side through thick and thin. In real life, Sobhraj was nicknamed The Serpent for his ability to evade capture and escape prison multiple times. Eventually, his luck ran out and in the early 2000s he was convicted of two 1975 murders in Nepal. He's now serving two life sentences in Kathmandu.
But Charles isn't the only person in The Serpent's cast of characters based on a real person. Although the series changed some of the murder victims' names out of respect to the families, the majority of the characters have real life counterparts — from the Dutch diplomat who helped take Sobhraj down to his first wife who tried to help Sobhraj even after he was charged with a double murder.
The series already aired in the UK on BBC, but for American audiences who ware watching the show for the first time, it's natural to want to know where all these real people ended up. Here's who the real people were, and how they fit into Sobhraj's twisted life.

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