How To Support Your Favorite Potters From Great Pottery Throw Down Season 4

Photo: Courtesy of HBO Max.
Grab your favorite apron (make sure it’s one that can get dirty), and settle in because we’re about to throw down — pottery, that is. If you’re new to the world of competitive pottery making and The Great Pottery Throw Down, don’t worry, no clay is actually in the making of season 4. But, the potters really are about to forcefully place heaps of clay down on their designated pottery wheel, kinda in a throwing motion, hence “throw down.” Also, dating back centuries, the word “throw” translated to "to turn" or "to twist" which the potters are also doing. Anyway, the spiritual sibling to The Great British Bake Off is back, but instead of biscuits and bread, contestants are making egg cups, and perfecting their skills with Sgraffito and Nerikomi techniques.
Great Pottery Throw Down contestants compete through two rounds each episode, one long-form spanning hours and days while their clay dries, and one “technical” challenge testing their fast thinking pottery knowledge. 
At the end of each episode, one potter is crowned the winter, while sadly one goes home. And while it’s a competition, you’d be surprised by how many times people cry, not because they’re sad, but because they’re so overwhelmed with joy for others and their beautiful creations (looking at you, judge Keith Brymer Jones). So if you’re in the mood for a feel-good show where everyone actually likes each other and roots for the underdog time and time again, go ahead and get cozy. There are few things more pure in this world than when the potters share a group hug.
Season 4 kicks off with 12 brand new contestants from all over the United Kingdom, but who are they, what are their specialties, and where can you buy their pots now that you've fallen in love with each of them?

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