The Invincible Voice Cast Includes Walking Dead Alums & Major Celebs

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.
Possible spoilers are ahead. Press play on the new animated superhero series Invincible and you quickly realize, the MCU this ain’t. Peruse the cast list for Invincible and it also becomes clear that it’s a Walking Dead reunion. No surprise really, since the Prime Video series, which streams new episodes each Friday (the first three are up now), is based on the Robert Kirkman comic book of the same name. You know, the guy who also co-created The Walking Dead comic book.
Safe to say, Invincible is for adults. There is blood and guts (lots of it), but also deeper conversations about what it really means to be a superhero. Despite there being so many superheroes — the Guardians of the Globe are the best, while the younger Teen Team are everyone’s fourth favorite team — Earth is still very much understaffed in that department. The world is being overtaken by supervillains who seem to be getting help from the inside. Some of Invincible’s supes have capes, but most are just trying to figure out how to balance the fighting with all the destruction, which too often leads to lost lives. What the more experienced superheroes in the series show is that balancing what you want and what you need is a big part of the job.
What fans might need right now is a breakdown of all the characters and the people that play them. Can’t stress this enough: Walking Dead heads will be very happy with this lineup.
Update: This story was originally published in March 2021. It has been updated to include newly revealed characters.

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