Everything There Is To Know About Good Girls Season 4

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Our favorite unlikely money launderers are coming back, and right on time. Season 3 of Good Girls is now streaming on Netflix, and even if you’re already almost out of episodes, you won’t have to wait too long for season 4. It's a good thing, especially since the season 3 finale left several storylines up in the air.
If you're feeling a little unsettled at the end of season 3, there's a decent excuse for the all your unanswered questions: season 3 had to abruptly end five episodes early because of pandemic-related production shutdowns. This means that, for the first time, there won’t be a brief time jump between seasons. Instead, the new season 4 episodes will pick up right where season 3 of Good Girls left off.
“We'd already sort of been discussing season 4 through the end of season 3, and that it was going to hand off into season 4 in a nice way,” executive producer Bill Krebs told Entertainment Weekly. “So now this just buys us the ability to really hit the ground running into season 4 and help us expand some of the story lines into the future episodes.”
Production started up again in October, and we officially know when the show will return. Here’s everything else to expect.

When will season 4 of Good Girls premiere? When will it be on Netflix?

Season 4 will premiere Sunday, March 7 at 10 p.m. EST on NBC. Unfortunately, Netflix users might have to wait a bit longer: the first three seasons hit the streaming platform almost a year after their respective premieres, so expect to watch season 4 on Netflix in 2022. Or get used to having weekly appointment television.

Who is in the cast of Good Girls season 4?

Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman will all return, of course, along with Reno Wilson and Matthew Lillard. Based on the season’s first promo, we also know that Manny Montana, Carlos Aviles, and Lauren Lapkus will reprise their roles. 
There will also be a few newcomers. According to Deadline, Jonathan Silverman will play Dave, a member of the Secret Service who becomes determined to bring down the trio. Some fans of the show also noticed that Montana appeared in an Instagram Story with a young actress who called him “Uncle Rio,” sparking speculation that we might meet some members of Rio’s (Montana) family come March 7.

Are there any confirmed plot details from season 4 of Good Girls?

We can definitely expect to see more of Phoebe Donnegan, the FBI agent who now seems a few steps closer to busting the squad’s schemes. At the end of season 3, Phoebe — possibly primed with incriminating information she uncovered on Ruby’s phone — approached the women and innocently attempted to infiltrate their celebration. The moment worked as a cliffhanger (how much, exactly, does Phoebe now know?), but according to showrunner Jenna Bans, Phoebe was just getting started.
“That was going to be a big character arc, going forward in the last five episodes. She’s very different from Agent Turner. She becomes almost a frenemy of Beth’s,” Bans told TV Insider. “And as she gets closer to the women, particularly Beth, we start to see that sort of odd adversarial friendship grow. And they end up having a really, really unique relationship that we’re hopeful to play out.”
At the end of season 3, we also saw Beth purchase her husband’s hot tub store (read: a safe place to wash money). Ruby and Stan (Wilson) were rocky, but they ended the season in a good place — at least, for now. Good Girls never lets us forget that it’s not easy to balance a healthy relationship with a money laundering venture. Which brings us to...

Will Beth & Rio get together again?

Good news for Team Brio: according to the Good Girls season 4 promo, these two will be spending a lot of time together, and it looks like their sexual tension isn’t going away anytime soon. Rio and Beth were pretty tense in season 3 after that whole “trying to kill each other” thing, but Bans says that their relationship will head in a new direction this season. 
“We were going to, and still will in the opening of season 4, throw them into putting that adversarial weaponry aside and having to begrudgingly work together in a way that they haven’t before,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “That chemistry is not something that can be snuffed out, so it brings up all of that good stuff, them working in such close proximity.”
Ah, a likely story.

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