Yep, You Definitely Know The Voices Behind Earwig and the Witch

Photo: Courtesy of studio Ghibli.
Studio Ghibli has been enchanting viewers with their gorgeous hand-animated movies for decades. But the studio's newest movie Earwig and the Witch turns that on its head. Now on HBO Max, it's the first Studio Ghibli movie to be entirely computer animated. While it's a change in direction for the famed Japanese creative hub, it's intriguing nonetheless.
The story follows a young headstrong girl named Earwig. Raised in an orphanage in the idyllic British countryside, she's used to getting what she wants, at least until she's adopted by a cruel witch and her strange demonic companion. Thrown into a world where she suddenly has to follow rules and listen to adults, Earwig decides to uncover the secrets of her new family. 
If you're not usually an animated movie fan, then the impressive voice cast will likely inspire a little more enthusiasm. From classic British thespians to hunky period faves and even a Grammy-winning singer, Earwig and the Witch's english voice cast is packed with stars. So if you're watching the newest addition to HBO Max's catalog and want to know who's playing who, look no further as we've got the rundown of actors and the reason you probably recognize them.

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